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July 14, 2022 at 7:00 pm

  Photo by Marques Thomas / Unsplash

Here’s the deal. My ultimate goal is van life. If I can’t make that happen, I’ll become a trucker. But you can be certain I’ll do everything I can to make van life happen. It isn’t difficult to make happen.

So, what am I doing right now? I’m in between jobs at the moment, with a big break coming up pretty soon (hopefully, fingers crossed ??). Once I have my big break, I’m going to buy myself a brand new 14″ MacBook Pro. I will begin filming reaction videos for YouTube. I’ll probably do that alone for a year or so.

After that, I will build myself a gaming PC. The budget is three to four grand. It’s gonna be a serious rig. I will then start recording gaming content. Where I live, streaming just isn’t possible as the internet here is pretty rough.

While doing that, I’ll be saving up for a vehicle. Once acquired, I will begin doing DoorDash and the like. If done right, I can make serious money. I have a friend who does it, and he’s pulling roughly 4k a month. That’s big. It’s hard work, but I can handle it.

My expenses aren’t too crazy, so I’m expecting to put good money into savings. Once I’ve got enough, I’m gonna begin the search for a Vanagon Westfalia. Preferably, a four wheel drive Syncro model. Once I purchase the van, I will begin the process of turning it into my home. When I finish converting it, I will move in full-time. I will travel half the year, and film content all the while for my YouTube channel, and will also write about it here, on my blog. I also plan to have guest authors come on and write here as well.

The other half of the year will be spent working, whether doing deliveries, or something else.

Also, if you go to this section of the site, you’ll see bunch of different topics. Many of them are empty, but I plan to write content for them.

So, that’s about it.


Published July 14, 2022 at 7:00 pm

Photo by Marques Thomas / Unsplash

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