It’s about time I go over my plan for the future in depth.

Phase I

Finding New Employment

I currently work at Goodwill. I’m making $8.50 an hour for 20 hours per week. Everything at my store is going downhill, and my hours keep getting cut. It’s time to find a new job.

Enter H-E-B. I’m currently applying both through their website as well as going into the store and asking for a job. The managers are currently in contact with their recruiter so it’s only a matter of time before I get an interview. There’s a 99% chance I’ll get the job, which is an overnight stocking position. It’s part time so I’ll likely be working 24 hours a week, or 3 nights. What’s great about it is that it’s a pretty laid back job. The store is closed at night, and I’ve heard they let employees have their headphones. I’d also be starting at $15 an hour, which means I’ll be making more than twice as much as I do now.


As soon as I get my first paycheck from H-E-B, I’m going to start driving lessons. Once I have my license, I’m going to go out and get a cheap car. My budget is $2,500.

Side Hustle

Once I have a car, I am going to start doing DoorDash. This will allow me to put serious money into savings.

Phase II

Becoming a Student

Once I have been doing DoorDash for a couple of months, I will begin applying for classes at the Community College here in Austin.

  1. Automotive: I will only be taking 2 or 3 semesters of this. I don’t need to learn how to do an engine swap, or rebuild the transmission.
  2. Master’s in Fine Arts of Photography: Yes, I’m aiming for a master’s degree. This will get my name out there so I’ll always have work. It only takes roughly 2 years from start to finish.
  3. Studio Art: I’m gonna try to get at least a certificate. I want to create digital art, though the ultimate goal is to become a CG artist.
  4. Acoustic & Electric Guitar: I’ve always wanted to learn guitar.

I’m expecting to be in college for 4 to 6 years.

Getting a Bike

I’m going to get a motorcycle license. Once I’ve done that, I’m gonna purchase a Moto Guzzi v9 Roamer. Woah, that’s a mouthful.

I’m not gonna do much in the way of modding. Probably just some slip-on exhaust, a heated seat, and saddlebags.

The Camper

Once I have saved enough money, I’m going to purchase a Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia.

I’m gonna need to make it livable. That means replacing the stereo, reupholstering the seats, installing auxiliary batteries and solar panels.

I’m also going to convert it to a Syncro (four wheel drive) and have it outfitted for overlanding.

Phase III

Hitting the Road

Once the Vanagon is done, I’m gonna hit the road and travel full-time. By this point I’ll be making more than enough to sustain myself, as I’ll be making around $60,000 a year. I’m expecting to spend between $600 and $800 a month.

So yeah, that’s about it. Obviously, I left out some details. I’ll likely switch jobs again at some point.