I already reviewed this on my old blog, Dadiocoleman. Since I don’t have a backup of my posts from that site I am rereviewing it.

Oh boy. So I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say the premise is the most niche part of this fanfic. Keep in mind, for the most part the story itself isn’t really niche, but going on the description alone, you would assume it is.

Exchange is… strange. Twilight Sparkle is in love with the protagonist and believes it’s mutual, but he doesn’t realize it yet. That combined with her using her powers to get closer to him makes this story a very wild ride. She is obsessed with him, and while I don’t doubt there’s many a human who’d love to be in his place, I personally feel uncomfortable when reading some these scenes. Autismo – as he’s taken to calling her – is insane. She will risk the safety of her kingdom just to get him to love her back.

So yeah. This is a very, very wild ride.

Up until now you’d assume the story isn’t that great. If you can get past the… weird premise, you may actually like this story. It’s fun, has some amazing world-building and lore. Everyone is in character (save for Twilight of course). And yes, our human does indeed fall in love with a pony (guess who, not Twilight). It’s very fun. And while yes, Twilight’s shenanigans are overall strange, they are pretty funny actually.

I think my favorite part has to be the adventure elements, though Celestia has some really great moments as well.

To conclude, this is a phenomenal fanfic. It’s fun, has some warm moments, and… strange ones. If you can get past the premise, you may actually come to love this little gem.

Ponyville’s resident human attempts to adjust to living with Celestia as his roommate while also avoiding Princess Twilight’s crazy romantic overtures.