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    Moving Forward…

    Moving Forward...

    In August I will start taking a photography class at Austin Community College. Sometime this fall I will attend driving school. This is merely phase one in preparing me for my ultimate goal: being a digital nomad and living in a flatbed camper.

    After getting my driver’s license I will get my first car. Probably a mid 80’s Hilux or something of that ilk. I will work a second part-time job as a delivery driver. Once I begin my second to last semester at ACC I will begin CDL classes. Once I have my commercial driver’s license I will get a job as a truck driver.

    I’m probably gonna be a trucker for at least ten years, maybe twenty, and I’ll be building my career and portfolio as a landscape photographer while I do so. Once I retire from truck driving I will go out and buy a diesel Ford F-450 Super Duty Platinum (a mouthful, I know). I will get an aftermarket bumper and wench as well as lift it. I will then become a logger and get a fifth wheel camper.

    The truck will likely cost $100,000 minimum. The camper will likely be another fifty grand. I will live in this beast while making a living as a landscape photographer and logger.